Why is MILAN so important? | New capital for ITALY?

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You take off water at the largest cities in the european union. Many come to to mike palace. Belaid betrayed voice or voom and countless others if you look at list of the top ten.
Most populated urban areas the order is lisbon acid naples for berlin by slonim milan between war and palace. Which is the latest one would expect boom to have the largest urban area initially. But this is not the case.
Even though boom is the most populated city. So whats going on here and is milan. Ashleys most important city firstly.
There are several ways to defy the city and therefore its population city urban area and metropolitan area. Where the city population is given this is how many people inhabits. An administrative area with the name of the city.
The city of milan is much smaller than the built up area royal robes is much larger this gives the impression that verb is 3 times lighter than blood. But this is only for music station with city boilers nosh was built up area. The lab isnt the only city with this problem.
The city of paris has hope to 2 million people. But its urban area is home to 11 million sibyllas things happened in new york budapest in dublin. City.
Populations. Have their uses for id accurate for measuring the scale of a city. Milan.
Is also the largest metropolitan region. Initially with over 8 million. Inhabitants.
This includes urban balad at first of our satellite.

how did milan grow to be an important city-state in italy?-0
how did milan grow to be an important city-state in italy?-0

Counted cities were workers in milan. Commute from each day. Metropolitan populations can be innocuous as are the cities.
Which functioned by themselves can be included personally. I think the urban areas to find a city best just to be clear for the remainder of this video. When i say city.
I mean urban area unless otherwise stated like quake in dublin by slaughter and between sydney and melbourne and rio and sao paulo lemann milan have massive 5 ruin within the city limits warmest elijahs city initially with the population of. 28 million followed by milan with 13. Million.
However for urban and metropolitan area populations. The land is larger even if blood is bigger than work that doesnt mean that its ashleys most important city. Frankfurt.
Is the sixth largest urban area in germany yelling made the claim that is germanys most important city. So lets look at some other factors. First lets look at the.
Economy. Milan is the italian city with the largest gdp of over 180000. Which is larger than the country of hungry.
Its gdp. Per. Capita is also the highest of oil italian cities ash over 45000.
Us. Dollars. Or about the same as the uk or japan issues.
The wealthiest non capital city in europe.

how did milan grow to be an important city-state in italy?-1
how did milan grow to be an important city-state in italy?-1

And it was affected much less than the rest of italy in the 2008 financial crisis. Milans region of lombardy is one of the four emotions of yahveh and the city is ashleys main industrial and financial center with the italian stock exchange at the home of many enjoyment companies and financial institutions belarius location in north initially. Which is the wealthiest part of the country and part of the blue banana and european coin region.
Khoi regions are the engines of a country with high employment population density and clay infrastructure. Milans geography. Supports this as it is located on flat land in the northwest of the first shire valley.
Between the river and the southern foothills of the alps like naples. Milan. Is one of a few italian cities to have an extensive scola with six of the ten tallest buildings in the country though unicredit tower is the tallest at over 200 meters milan.
Is also a major centre of education for seven universities with 185 thousand students from all over the world. Cosmic polish in malad. His wife emigrated.
As european italian and the city has had influences from france. Spain. Austria.
And many others throughout its history. Milada is one of the key transport centres initially. Im southern europe with dish.
Least second busiest train station for seniors for metro lines. 18. Family for ex polybus lights had many more bus life throughout the city milan.
Malpensa air fresh is the second busiest initially for 28 million passengers in 2019 420 interviewer. Milan also has two other airports lin ashley with nine million passengers and ariel al suri. O.
Infer camel.

how did milan grow to be an important city-state in italy?-2
how did milan grow to be an important city-state in italy?-2

Our volunteer base. Which is ashleys third busiest airport with 13 million passengers. The airport is also located next to the oil center.
One of the largest shopping centres in europe as one of the fashion capitals of the world many tourists come to bland for shopping. But the city is also known for its culture cuisine high exploits and music some major tourist attractions include the la scala opera house so voice esco castle santa maria delle grazie. Which is home of the last supper by leonardo da vinci.
Luckily we are vittorio emanuele ii michael sam fiona and the navigli canals and milan cathedral which is the largest gothic cathedral in the world milan is the seventh most visited city in europe even if milan is the most important city normas many reasons to call itself capped lavishly. It was the capital of the roman empire issues also much closer to the center of the country. And its the most visited city initially.
But still mallannas many reasons to lay claim to the title. Do you think that volp or milan. Should be the capital of italy.
Or another city such as chumina at naples answer in the poll indicates above for the comment section below. Also if your thumb blow. Please dont be offended you can still keep believing.
Milan. Is a small regional town of no importance. If you want to finally the regions of lombardi and pattaya in north initially have nationalist movements.
Which some demanding more autonomy by even independence from italy. So its very unlikely that well see them as new countries. If we do milan.
Could be a capital city. Thank you so much for watching this video. I know it was a bit longer than my other videos so hopefully you like that if youve any ideas for future videos put them in the comment section below.
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how did milan grow to be an important city-state in italy?-3
how did milan grow to be an important city-state in italy?-3

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