A Way to Make Peace with Your Past

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This is bernadette lok from punch. Me loving and welcome to this video today. Which which is about how to make peace with your past.
Im going to show a really simple technique that i know will make a difference. So lets get into it right now music. Okay.
So this technique is going to help you to make peace with your past and the sense of anything that you feel youve done. Which plagues you which weighs on your mind maybe. Its something there you did or if it did somebody else maybe.
It was an interaction with a person or people maybe. It is somebody else who has hurt you challenged you and this technique is going to be a holistically rounded way for you to come into a more loving space. Okay.
Love is an emotion. A compassionate feeling. It is an energy vibration and as the vibration of your soul nature.
It is the vibration of oneness is the vibration of energy from which you come and we want to help you to return to that because theres naturally healing and that is naturally going to counterbalance some of the lower vibration emotions that you may be experiencing if youre having trouble kind of coming to terms were there making peace with your past okay so the technique is a really simple visualization. Im going to just talk you through it and then i want you to go away and practice the technique in your own time as a visualization and then as you sit quietly and stillness away from noise. And then you run through the visualization that i give to you in this video in your own mind.
Okay almost like you imagine yourself on a movie screen like on a white screen and youll imagine through your creative imaginative visualization process you will imagine that technique that im about to teach you okay so essentially what you do is you bring into your mind an image of yourself okay.

how to make peace with your past-0
how to make peace with your past-0

And what i want you to think about is your heart center is an energy center and the center of your chest around the area. Where your physical heart is i want you to imagine it like a flower. Okay and the flower is going to open all the petals are going to unfurl and that flower or that heart center is going to completely open up.
And what is going to happen is i want you to radiate light and your visualization from that center of your chest outward. And i want you to think about that light as being a in force okay. And the light.
What it does is as it opens in your chest. Area is like a flower opening up and that light starts beaming out it bends and all directions. That light fills your entire physical body.
And all directions. The sway backwards sideways up down. And it literally energizes and enlightens your entire physical body.
But also your energy field. Okay and here. Its how it is how its going to go in your visualization.
And your visualization. You see yourself on the movie. Screen.
You see the flower in the center field center of your chest.

how to make peace with your past-1
how to make peace with your past-1

And you imagine it opening. And you see light beaming out in all directions filling up your physical body. And in your energy field and radiating outward.
As far as your mind can possibly imagine. So that your entire visual image. In your mind.
Is so blindingly bright with white light okay and then what youre going to do is youre going to say to yourself you can say it out loud or you can say it quietly in your own mind as you hold this image in your mind. I seemed light to every person who has ever hurt me i seemed light to every person. I have ever heard and i think light to every person who has ever helped me and i love myself deeply and completely okay.
What youre doing in this process is youre saying. I am. One with every single person on this planet.
We all spring forth from exactly the same place. I made agreements for some people to cross paths with them we are all learning from each other sometimes unfortunately the way we learn is through adversity and difficulty and sometimes we make mistakes and guess what mistakes are actually powerful vehicles for our souls evolution mistakes are incredibly normal and if youve experienced something in the past where someones made a mistake and someone or someones done something deliberately to hurt you and they come from the same oneness that you are the only way that youre going to make peace with your past is to recognize the soul and then as the famous soler. Knew even if their personality self was lost and darkness.
And was unkind towards you and caused. You opci n. Here okay and to know that the light that is within.
You also exists with the name and the best way to do.

how to make peace with your past-2
how to make peace with your past-2

It is to seem delight to them you know what you hurt me. But you know what im gonna seem to you like anyway you can call it light you can call it love whatever. It is that verbally works best for you you can take this technique and make it your own you know mix it up and change it to do whats right for you trust your intuition.
If when youre doing it you get other words come up you know rock it out just do whatever feels good to you during the visualization. So you want to sit there movie screen. See the heart center opening and the center of your chest.
And light. Just beaming out of you radiating out of you flushing through your entire energy field. And then filling up the entire movie screen in your mind with blindingly white light.
Which is love source energy right as we do spring forth from thats the vibration that youre creating and then i think light and love to every person who has ever hurt me i send light and love to every person. I have ever heard and i send light and love to every person who has ever helped me. Its a holistic way of acknowledging everything thats happened in saying despite all of that i just shed light and love all over this i just paint it all with that higher vibration frequency.
And its just a conscious choice you make you do that say every day 14 days. And youre genuinely into that with the intention to make peace with your past. And it one visualization can have a transformative effect.
So i encourage you to go away and try that and again mix it up if it works for you so i hope. This has been helpful if youd like to subscribe to my channel. Id love to have you as part of my community.
Because im sharing videos like this on a weekly basis. Help you with mind body and spirit balance and to unleash your inner pace your freedom in your success. Thank you so much for listening.

how to make peace with your past-3
how to make peace with your past-3

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