Why did Germany Invade the Soviet Union? | Animated History

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Best restaurants. Dont have bathrooms thats the key thats what iveve learned it im making worth it today. We are on our way to vegas.
And what is vegas known for buffets guys. Im intoxicated by the sheer volume of food that we have consumed on this trip. So we just took a little nap.
You took a nap. Everybody else was the human about it we all spoon. Today.
Were gonna need three different types of that three different price points to find out which one is the most worth it at its given price point today. Were gonna start off with the expensive taco because theres an expensive taco in las vegas. So were going from high to low yes and then drive back to la try the medium in chi poppin.
Yeah. Id rather just go home first take a nap. Another nap are you one of those people.
That just takes a bunch of little nips during the day instead of actually sleeping be like a hamster person so were going to the roads rabbit lie they got lots of live entertainment. But also a 4700 is it one taco thats me best truffles is it one taco. Oh.
No applause asou. My name is brian filer. Im the hotel executive chef for the cosmopolitan of las vegas.
And were standing in rose rabbit light right now. Its a modern supper club. That serves american classics kind of revamped.
So you guys ordered the osetra caviar taco. This is served from the osetra sturgeon. Which is a more rare species so osetra has a really nice creaminess to it a little bit briny.
But just really smooth finish. So. The first thing is obviously the base the taco shell.
Which is made from the kennebec potatoes. So we thinly sliced those and then we fry. Them heres a little piece of equipment to make them into a simple taco shell look and then well take the hamachi.
We do a nice dice of that shallots cucumbers mix all that together and then season it lightly with a little bit of salt pepper and a lemon vinaigrette and then well put that into the taco shell top. It with a nice amount of caviar and then finish it with the uni creme fraiche.

how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-0
how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-0

So its really just a really. Nice. One biter.
Oh. Its a one biter. Yeah.
Yeah. Go big or go home. The best way to taste caviar is to actually get the caviar onto your tongue.
And then press. It against the top of your mouth. So you can feel the eggs kind of pop and then you can spread that creaminess and those flavors across your palate pretty steep price for taco.
Which actually now looking at it is very tiny you want to come out. And impress somebody youre paying for great product ro try the line theres a weight chance. I like this its a lot smoother easier to drink.
I think its delicious. I cant wait to taste it with the caviar feel like normally someone else does that because i would be too clumsy and probably mess it up this is the cutest food. Ive ever seen its one of pinches cheeks.
You know usually we debate on how fast we eat these things. But here were forced to eat it in one bite. Were not for us.
But we recommend it im not gonna not do the recommended thing when its a forty seven dollar talk on the line. A lot of pressure. Cheers ready go.
Olek rock. Wow. Ive never had an ocean taste like that ive never been so sad that there wasnt a second bite.
I think this is like the closest thing to draw hugs ive ever eaten done in my life. How do you come here and not just order another. I was expecting like a stink you know when you think about caviar.
Even like this she or stinky that was not any of that it was so pleasant in the way that it just melted in my mouth. Did you pop the balls on the roof of your mouth of course. Yeah.
You got it with your tongue. Yes tasting it while chewing at the same time mmm that was cabby art.

how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-1
how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-1

Whats a pirates favorite seafood. I know happy our next place lets go so time to go back to los angeles to try the next two tacos movie magic will be in la shortly back in sunny la. Its raining recycle was fun.
Its like knowing youre young you want to just experience life and spend lots of money and not really make commitments. Thats what that taco. What do you know that feeling i have never known that thing.
Id want to be married since i was born next. Were going to is guisado they serve stew base taco taco time are you ready to talk about it are you ready to either talk over the town taco. The town national image.
Did you hear the first one. I made that was not bad nice. He got better whats up guys welcome to gustavus.
Im armando della torre jr. My father and i own if you saw this and operate them you saw this means to be braised or stoop. So everything.
We do is been stupid. Multiple ingredients that your chios are handmade 100. Corn.
The corn is fresh ground next door. My uncles markets called incognito so drop on they make pan. Dulce tamales and masa is all made right here.
So like what were doing here is theyre making the masa fresh all of whats cooking here is what used tomorrow. Accord is steeped in these large vats after its absorbed enough water the skin of the corn comes off. They grab that corn and put it into a stone grinder.
Which grinds that corn down into like a doughy texture. Ours are thick enough that they can handle like the juices and all of the sauces that come on our tacos. Were gonna give you my favorite chicken my favorite pork my favorite veggies the chicken one is our mole day i took poblano style so its got peanuts in it and a bunch of different seasonings as far as the pork goes.
Theyre gonna give you our coaching. If fpv. Its actually a pace that you cook into the pork and the pork leg slowly falls apart.
We serve. It shredded a little bit of habanero to kick it up and then pickled onions and then the galavis eat us and squash. Tomatoes corn onions and all we top it off with a little bit of chipotle cream and gessle fresco on top our menu itself is not one particular state or city of mexico.
Its like things that you would imagine like your grandma cooking at home here we go here. We go i got the or tata whit.

how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-2
how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-2

I got the armando palmer can we throw all this is super refreshing this is super awesome when he started talking about do face meets. I did not expect them to turn out in this pretty all right so were starting with this one were just chicken same ole way. Which is a really dank sauce.
I already know the pot. Im going to use what is it well see it at first doctor truck telephone cheers cheers holy moly and thats completely accurate this chicken is perfectly cooked in this sauce. Its like a hot cocoa on the top thats a perfect taco look sure on the bottom.
Nothing seeping through sporting together. So well. How do you make chicken taste like that just do it center.
It up tacos. All right to the veggies now. I probably would never order this on my own volition.
I have no idea what its going to taste like gonna taste like your jokes corny. We already did that music delightful. I was expecting a salad under tortilla.
But it was so much more than that theres a whole lot of different vegetables happening together playing off of each. Other you bring your vegetarian friends here and theyre not gonna be neglected. They wont be neglected.
But they wont have as much fun. Im always having fun better youre not alright here we go the last last. But not least are you gonna be spicy my mouth is but my bud its not its better than isnt get it over with this point music.
Wow. Thats my favorite look at the cross section. On that bad boy mines rental in his russian right now i mean the pickled onions.
The stew. The pork and the onions are so sharp wow thats a dead oh my face is sweating. This is the true definition of flavor explosion.
Yeah. That flavor exploded in my mouth. This is dynamite.
You take a bite. A great flavor you burst out and then the spice hook chokes on it is that good this was a total body experience. It was really spicy huh.
I would eat there every day its affordable its familiar and it was delicious its perfect taco facts tacos alpha store were created by the influence of lebanese immigrants in mexico. I guess that makes a lot of sense.

how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-3
how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-3

Becauseritain was neutralized as of 1941. The summer of 1942 was stalins estimate. But his estimate was an entire year off furthermore.
We now know that it was not a defensive war that stalin was preparing for she wanted to strike germany first pocketing its main force. Which he believed was massed in southeastern europe engaging it decisively and then marching through the balkans toward berlin for his distrustful and. Paranoid a man as stalin whose great purge resulted in the deaths of 600000.
People there were many red flags that should have alerted him to the reality. That hitler would be invading sooner for one german planes regularly flew into soviet airspace. Which prompted zhukov and the peoples commissar for defense simeon tomash enka suggests shooting them down.
But stalin quickly brushed them aside. Having been assured by the german embassy that the incursions were merely a result of too many young untrained luftwaffe pilots getting lost conveniently. These pilots were getting lost while flying very low over a strategically important soviet locations.
Moreover. The german government receives permission from stalin to locate the graves of german soldiers who had perished during the great war in russian territory again to the disdain of zhukov and timoshenko these grave hunting missions were in actuality. Intel gathering operations and they would prove to be very useful to the german military in the coming months.
Stalin also received numerous spy reports as well as a warning from churchill himself. Which may have actually had the opposite of its intended effect because of churchills vehemently anti communist convictions. When molotov returned to the conference room to announce the news saying he was visibly unsettled when relaying the information to stalin would be an understatement in a words of pleasure cough.
After having heard the declaration of war stalin sank lower in his chair. Although he said nothing no one stepped in nobody in the room seemed to know what to do next. Although.
The soviet troops on the western border were placed on high alert. The kremlin sent a confusing and contradictory directive that same night that ordered them to not yield to any provocation in many locations german commandos intercepted the order and in places that it was received it was met with furrowed brows and head scratching over 600000. Men died.
During the first 20 days of the war and the germans thanks to stalins oversight pushed on relentlessly those worst days were the start of the largest land invasion in history in its wake. Five and a half million germans romanians hungarians italians and finns lay dead. Along with eight and a half million to 10 million soviets.
When the germans were finally stopped. It was at great cost. But the soviets showed the world that the vermont was not invincible in forced hitler to divert troops to the eastern front making.
Germanys western shores susceptible to allied attack. Dont forget to check out our sponsor virtual shield. Many people take their online privacy for granted.
And it be ashamed to pass up such a clear opportunity to protect yourself on the web. Once again my promo code is armchair and it gets you 20 off of your subscription to virtual shield. Which already comes with one month free as part of a free trial thanks for watching id like to thank my general staff on patreon derek bello jake hart pj nave alexander wood joe crispin gibbsy fritz patrick reardon john graham james thompson jim talbott dmitry stillman and everyone else listed on screen.
Id also like to thank those working on the armchair history team for making this video possible thanks again. And ill see you next time on d day. .

how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-4
how was hitler’s attack on the soviet union similar to his invasion of france?-4

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